The Thumper 187 is a break-open double-barreled action shotgun that has two barrels lined up in parallel to each other, each holding one shotgun shell. Most double-barreld shotguns feature two triggers, one for each barrel, allowing for two shots to be fired in quick succession by pulling on both simultaneously.

Double-barreled shotguns are commonly seen in sawed-off form, removing the buttstock and most of the barrel length, giving them very high mobility at the cost of range and accuracy, and close range damage output.

The Thumper 187 is just one of the many weapons that you’ll be able to use in Cold Comfort. You can check out some more firearms here, and the melee weapon overview here.

This beauty was created by Anna J. Bischoff.  You can check her out on Artstation.

This beauty was created by Anna J. Bischoff. You can check her out on Artstation.


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